Defending You Against A Variety Of Criminal Accusations

Being accused of a crime can be an overwhelming experience. Your future will be greatly affected by what happens. Your career may be in jeopardy, it may be impossible to get a job or a loan, your financial future may be compromised and you may even end up in jail.

Clearly, there is a lot on the line in these cases. You need — and are entitled to — a lawyer who can defend you and ensure that the state has followed every legal procedure and has not violated your rights. At Pearson & Paris, P.S.C., we firmly believe you deserve due process and a fair trial. Let our attorneys ensure that happens while providing rigorous, comprehensive and aggressive defense and advocacy against these accusations.

On Your Side

From our offices in Louisville, Kentucky, we help defend individuals against state misdemeanors and felonies, including:

Speak To An Attorney First

When you are accused of a crime or are arrested, it is important that you take advantage of your right to remain silent as well as your right to counsel. Inadvertently self-incriminating yourself is easier than you think. Staying silent is the only surefire way you will not make the situation worse.

With us on your side, we will advocate for you aggressively at every step. The legal process can be confusing and overwhelming, but we will lead you through with confidence. We will help you understand what to expect and always act in your best interest. Whether your situation demands negotiation and settlement or litigation in a courtroom, you can be sure that our defense will be the best you can get from any firm.

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In criminal defense cases, you need a professional on your side. We will treat you with respect and integrity and give you the aggressive, experienced and knowledgeable defense you deserve. Get in touch with Pearson & Paris, P.S.C., today by calling 502-208-5170. You can also send an email.

We represent clients throughout Louisville, Kentucky, to include Jefferson County, Oldham County, and Henry County. We also serve clients in Crestwood, Buckner, La Grange, and Goshen.