Strong Defense Against Drug Charges

Experienced Louisville Defense Lawyers for Serious Charges

If you have been charged with a drug crime in Kentucky, the help of a knowledgeable defense attorney can make a tremendous difference in the outcome. Having strong defense representation is essential to effectively defend against the charges.

drug offense

Successful criminal defense requires a strong strategy. In drug charge cases, that strategy starts by reviewing the steps taken by law enforcement prior to the arrest, related to search and seizure. If the charges were the result of a traffic stop, was the stop handled correctly? If the charges were the result of information from a confidential informant, how reliable was that informant's information? Sometimes, the answers we find indicate violations of the Fourth Amendment and other rights. These violations can lead to the exclusion of critical evidence or the dismissal of or minimization of charges such as:

Possession of marijuana

Cultivation / Trafficking in marijuana

Possession of controlled substance

Trafficking in controlled substance

Controlled substance endangerment of child

Our attorney is experienced in handling cases involving all controlled substances.

The Impact Of A Drug Charge Conviction

Drug charges need to be taken seriously because they can have serious consequences. Even charges that may be perceived as minor, such as drug possession, will have an impact. A conviction on this charge and the resulting criminal record could impact future employment prospects. That is not even taking into account the immediate fines and the potential of mandatory incarceration in the more severe drug cases. Our lawyers have the experience and strength to fight for you.

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