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There is no more stressful family event than going through a divorce. There are so many challenges to the termination of a marital relationship, from figuring out new places to live, developing custody and visitation arrangements for the children, distributing assets and debts between the spouses, to figuring out child support obligations and alimony payments. And then there are the emotional struggles of leaving behind married life and having to quickly adjust to a new life, without a spouse, but maybe also having your children or children around as much. All of this can be pretty overwhelming and even depressing.

This is where we step in. From your first meeting with us until the final order issues, we will be with you every step of the way, navigating the court process to ensure that your rights and interests are looked after. We are committed to achieving positive results for our clients.


We can assist you in all types of family law matters involving:

Prenuptial And Post-Marital Agreements

When entering into a marriage, carefully consider the assets and debts each party brings to the table. Where there is significant financial disparity between spouses-to-be, a prenuptial agreement can be used to define and establish property rights upfront so those pre-marital or other non-marital assets are not subject to distribution in the event of a divorce.

Annulment, Divorce And Legal Separation

We fight for you in the divorce process to ensure that your rights are protected, to include helping you obtain favorable child custody and decision making orders, to negotiate and fight for the best parenting time schedule, to ensure that appropriate child support orders enter, and where necessary to provide for superior representation when considering alimony payments. We assist with properly valuing marital assets, to include business assets, and to ensure equitable distribution of martial assets and marital debts.

Post-Decree Modifications

Despite careful planning, certain provisions of a separation agreement and divorce decree do not stand the test of time, things change. A change in employment, the changing needs of the children, remarriage by one of the parties, or a desirable re-location, to include out-of-state relocations must be dealt with by going back to court and obtaining appropriate orders. There may also be grounds for an emergency custody modification where the child is endangered.


When a child is born outside of a marriage, or a clearly defined relationship, you require the assistance of competent counsel to claim your rights as a parent, holding an absentee parent accountable for child support, and dealing with visitation and custody rights for an estranged parent. We help parents establish paternity, we find solutions where paternity is challenged, we negotiate visitation agreements, we represent your interests in setting fair child support obligations.

Interstate Family Law issues

We represent parents who are relocating out of state or moving to Kentucky. We fashion practicable solutions to accommodate an ever mobile society, yet we are diligent in protecting your rights as a parent.

Domestic Violence

Domestic is an act, or threatened act of violence, sexual abuse against a family member or a member of an unmarried couple who are now living together or who have formerly lived together. If you find yourself in this sort of abusive relationship, we will help you obtain a domestic violence order to keep the abuser away from you and keep you and your loved ones safe.

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Our practice is in large part dedicated to guiding our clients through the divorce process and along the way providing effective and thoughtful solutions involving custody for the children of the marriage, property division, child support and alimony determinations. We listen to your goals, develop an action plan tailored to your needs, and then set our on the methodical implementation of a litigation strategy that is designed to achieve those objectives.

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