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There is no more stressful family event than going through a divorce. There are so many challenges to the termination of a marital relationship, from figuring out new places to live, developing custody and visitation arrangements for the children, distributing assets and debts between the spouses, to figuring out child support obligations and alimony payments. And then there are the emotional struggles of leaving behind married life and having to quickly adjust to a new life, without a spouse, but maybe also having your children or children around as much. All of this can be pretty overwhelming and even depressing.

This is where we step in. From your first meeting with us until the final order issues, we will be with you every step of the way, navigating the court process to ensure that your rights and interests are looked after. We are committed to achieving positive results for our clients.



Kentucky declares certain marriages void, such as marriages within a certain degree of blood relationship, where one or both parties to the marriage are mentally disabled, where the marriage would result in bigamy, where one or both parties to the marriage is under age. These types of marriages cannot be sustained and can be set aside by the court. Marriages entered into by fraud or duress can also be set aside.

We will sit down with you to determine whether your marriage is eligible for annulment.

Divorce And Legal Separation

Kentucky law also permits married couples to end their marriage either through divorce or legal separation. Both legal separation and divorce decrees require that at least one of the spouses has resided in Kentucky for at least 180 days before filing the petition, plus an additional waiting period of up to 60 days after filing the petition. This residency requirement applies to military personnel stationed in Kentucky. There may be instances where we could petition the court to annul, or set aside, the marriage because the marriage was not valid at the time it was entered into.

Whether you seek the dissolution of your marriage through divorce or you seek a legal separation, the court must enter orders for the division of marital assets and debts, child custody, parenting time, and child support, spousal support, and the allocation of attorney's fees and costs.

After the court enters a separation decree, the spouses remain married, however, there no longer exists a marital estate, and they are able to live separate lives. In contrast, a decree dissolving the marriage or divorce, terminates the marriage, and the parties are free to re-marry if they so choose. Since children cannot be divorced, a co-parenting relationship will remain until the child of the parties becomes emancipated.

Unmarried couples can dissolve their relationship by utilizing the same procedures for the dissolution of a business partnership or a joint venture. Unmarried couples can use the same statutes as married couples to determine child custody, parenting plans, and child support obligations.

In all situations, the parties have a fiduciary relationship with one another during the legal process that requires complete disclosure of all relevant matters. As your legal counsel or consultant, we will assist you in the collection and disclosure of all relevant information, as well as in locating any third-party advisors or experts as may be appropriate in your case. In addition, we will prepare and file all necessary documentation and present legal arguments and justifications for the resolutions you seek.

After the assembly of all relevant information and counsel during pending actions, we will assist you in determining the best method of dispute resolution: negotiation, mediation, litigation or collaborative processes, and in pursuing resolution through your chosen method.

We anticipate providing you with advice and guidance as to both the process and the resolution of substantive issues while recognizing that the ultimate decisions must be made by you and your partner or a judge/arbitrator or some combination thereof. Ultimately, we seek resolutions which will provide the most fair and equitable solutions for you and appropriately provide for your children.

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Our practice is in large part dedicated to guiding our clients through the divorce process and along the way providing effective and thoughtful solutions involving custody for the children of the marriage, property division, child support and alimony determinations. We listen to your goals, develop an action plan tailored to your needs, and then set our on the methodical implementation of a litigation strategy that is designed to achieve those objectives.

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