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Going through a divorce, the most difficult and heart wrenching decisions revolve around child custody. Many questions abound: how will the divorce impact the child? How will the parent's relationship with the child's relationship be affected by the divorce? With whom will the child live? What about shared parenting time, time sharing, adequate bonding opportunities with infants and toddlers?

Child Custody

We understand the importance you placed on the relationship you have with your children and we are committed to helping our clients obtain custody solutions that enable them to enjoy significant relationships with their children.

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Creative custody and parenting time solutions.

In making custody determinations, the judge will be guided by what is "in the best interests of the child." Although this term is undefined, the court looks to a number of factors to determine the "best interest" such as (1) the wishes of the parents or any de facto custodian, (2) the wishes of the child, (3) the child's interactions with the immediate family and significant others who affect the child's best interests, (4) the child's adjustment to his or her school, community, and home, and (5) the mental and physical health of all individuals involved in the child's life. The judge could even consider any evidence of domestic violence, or alcohol or substance abuse.

Child Custody Disputes

Over the years, we have found that negotiation can produce custody and parenting time solutions that are practical and beneficial to parents and children. Such solutions can reduce emotional conflicts and lay the groundwork for future cooperation in child-rearing duties. They recognize the unique characters and needs of all involved

However, it is not unusual for such disputes to become heated. Unfortunately, we have seen a disturbing trend of parents resorting to terrible tactics in order to manipulate the situation to their advantage. They may even make false allegations of child abuse. Our attorneys will not tolerate these tactics.

As an aggressive law firm that also handles criminal defense matters, we know how to fight cheap tactics that may be used by deceitful parties in child custody cases. This is a challenge we are ready to take on.

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