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Weighing options: the benefits of open, mediated and closed adoption

The decision to expand the family through adoption is exciting but has many important details to address before the process is complete. No decision is more critical than choosing open, mediated or closed adoption. There are no right or wrong answers. Instead, it's a matter of choosing the type that fits the family's unique needs. When weighing the decision, it is essential to understand and consider the strengths of each: Open adoption Open adoption means that the biological parents and/or extended family remain a part of the adoptive family's life. The degrees of interaction will vary, but...

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5 great reasons for getting divorced

Many divorces involve an amicable parting of ways and may remain friends or co-parent partners in raising the family. There may be other situations, however, where it is clear that the marriage needs to end, regardless of what a spouse says about changing their ways or "working it out." The decision is still difficult, with an incredible amount of change on the horizon, but the decision to leave is ultimately the right one. Marriage counselors often try to help couples rekindle the romance or relationship, but there are good reasons for calling it quits. Every relationship is different, but...

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Are those texts actually deleted?

The Congressional investigation into the events on January 6, 2021, has yielded a wealth of information about who did what and said what on the day. Witnesses provided much of this information, but investigators have also sought or subpoenaed data, papers and electronic evidence. So it was with the Secret Service details protecting the president and vice president, but they responded that the texts sent by agents on that day might have been wiped from their devices in a system migration. The messages may not be lost, whether it is a person deleting texts or emails from their phone or...

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What documents are crucial to planning a divorce?

Your attorney will need information about the marriage before starting the divorce process. While personal information is important, the often-contentious negotiation of dividing assets is based on these critical documents. This information provides a facts-and-figures account of marital assets, marital debt, property valuations, and other vital financial information. A spouse may say things to a mediator or in court, but these documents may provide a more accurate account of the family's marital assets. The client can gather the papers and then put them in an organized file for the attorney...

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Is independent adoption right for you?

Growing a family through adoption is rewarding on many levels. Parents can pursue domestic or international adoption through a public or private agency. Nevertheless, some seek other forms of domestic adoption known as private or independent adoption. The advantages This is different than going through a domestic or international adoption agency that guides the family through the process, yet it offers many benefits: Control: Many parents cite control over the whole process as the strongest argument for an independent adoption. Many believe that it minimizes the chances of the birth parent...

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Getting kids comfortable in both homes is possible

Coparents come up with a wide range of parenting plans for where kids spend their time. Regardless of the custody agreement, the plan may favor one home with more time, be a weekend home, or be a situation where the kids move fluidly between the two residences. It can be hard to avoid one being favored – common reasons are one parent remains in the family home, proximity to friends, amenities, or one parent is less stringent. These may change from time to time. The transition to two living spaces can be a big issue for the children, and that upheaval can make them feel insecure about family...

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Retirement accounts should be properly divided

Concerns about financial security weigh heavily during a divorce, particularly if the couple is closing in on retirement age. So, it is essential that spouses divide up all marital assets fairly and equitably. This can include retirement accounts like 401(k) plans, IRAs, pensions and other investments related to retirement. These accounts can be significant assets as the couples approach retirement age. It is common for retirement accounts to be part of an employee benefits package. The other spouse may not realize its value or that it even exists. As with other marital assets, spouses...

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What is the process for finalizing an adoption?

Adoption is one of the most exciting and yet stressful times in parents' lives. The excitement is self-evident, but the stress often involves paperwork. It's a long process with a lot of legal paperwork that needs addressing for the finalization to ensure that the adoption is complete, and the child is legally recognized and a permanent part of your family. Before the final decree Several steps happen after placement: The birth parents must sign an adoption consent to terminate their parental rights, which can occur no earlier than 72 hours after the birth. Adoptive parents must comply with...

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Johnny Depp wins defamation case

The tempestuous divorce of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard captured the attention of millions. Heard accused him of abuse during their time together in her 2018 Op-Ed in the Washington Post, and a cover photo for People magazine showed her face seemingly bruised. Depp claimed innocence and sued her for $50 million in damages for defamation – the accusations brought his career to a standstill. Heard countersued for $100 million, claiming she was only violent in response to Depp or in defense of her younger sister. The verdict On June 1, 2022, the six-week trial in Virginia had a verdict after the...

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Moving the kids between households takes planning and preparation

Coparents can create detailed parenting plans with scheduled visits, childcare needs, and even how to handle pick-ups and drop-offs. While parents may have consulted the kids about their needs and wants, the transitions between homes will not always go as planned, and kids may not like the parenting plan arrangement. This will be particularly true in the early days of the post-divorce era. The coparents will need to take action or discuss a strategy for resolving the children’s resistance. Making the transitions easier Whether the switch is daily, every few days, on weekends or on another...

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