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Divorce property division for business owners

Divorce can be a complicated financial matter as well as an emotional issue. This can be especially true for small and medium-sized owners of privately-held Kentucky companies. These types of businesses are often the largest marital asset at stake in the divorce, and...

Covering the Estate Planning Basics

A basic estate plan for everyone should consist of the following four documents. Please contact Pearson & Paris for a free consultation.

WILL: A will, sometimes called a last will and testament, is how an individual directs how property should be distributed upon their death, including payment of debts and other final details. Included in the will is appointment of a personal representative (executor) who, working with a law firm, handles the details regarding the terms of the will. A will can also create a trust for minors and others to protect property in the long term.

Employee v. Subcontractor

As an employer, it is important to determine if individuals working for you are employees or independent contractors.  If you mistakenly classify an employee as an independent contractor, there may be significant monetary penalties.  Some factors of many are listed...