Receiving protective orders in Kentucky

On Behalf of | Dec 16, 2019 | Domestic abuse

Victims of domestic abuse often feel they’ve lost control over their lives. That’s because their partner may watch and judge their every move. Unfortunately, this can lead to victims receiving verbal, physical or even sexual abuse from their abuser.

According to a recent study, approximately 40 Kentuckians die annually due to some form of partner abuse.

Luckily, abuse victims can fight back to keep themselves and their loved ones safe from further harm.

Different types of protective orders

Here in Kentucky, courts often issue protective orders to prevent victims from enduring more mistreatment. There are a few different options courts may offer depending on the victim’s circumstances. In some instances, they may issue an emergency protective order (EPO) for dating, stalking or sexual assault cases. Typically, these orders are short-term and can last for up to two weeks until the court hears the case. Domestic violence orders (DVO) are slightly different and can last up to three years. A DVO often places these long-term restrictions on an abuser after a court hearing.

Who can receive a protective order?

People can receive protective orders for more than just themselves. Depending on one’s circumstances, people can get them for only themselves, their children or both themselves and their children.

Grounds for which one can file a protective order

There are specific instances where one can become eligible for a protective order. To do so, victims of abuse must specify their partner has done at least one of the following:

  • Physically injured or assaulted them.
  • Choked or strangled them.
  • Threatened to hurt or rape them.
  • Stalked them.
  • Done something to make them fear they’re going to get raped or abused.

Victims of abuse deserve protection

No matter their age, background or income level, anyone can be subject to domestic violence. At a hearing, courts often hear testimony about the victim’s case. If victims are successful, they can obtain several benefits afterward that can help protect them and their families from further unwanted violence.