Tips for a healthier divorce

On Behalf of | Dec 23, 2019 | Divorce

Married couples in Kentucky who have recently separated may already have a sense of how daunting a divorce can be, especially if children are involved. However, there are some commonsense ways to ameliorate the process that are sometimes forgotten in the emotion of the split.

A common pitfall in contentious divorces is the refusal to concede on anything. Many people will spend more money fighting for an object than what the object is actually worth. If there are non-sentimental items that can be parted with, sometimes it just makes more sense to give up the fight.

Though giving in may make sense from an economic standpoint, many individuals will act against their own best interest just to punish their estranged spouse. It should go without saying that this behavior is unhealthy, and it will only drag out the divorce process for longer, meaning it will take longer to get some closure.

Of course, some individuals do not want their marriage to end, which is why they subconsciously drag things out. Others may compulsively text or call their ex, as if they were still together. Unless a couple is trying to reconcile, people should accept the fact that they are getting a divorce and cut off communication, unless it is regarding their children.

Speaking of children, divorcing spouses should ideally be flexible as far as the days and times they will see their kids (for instance, if one parent wants to trade days for a special occasion, the other should try to accommodate). Parents should also keep each other updated on what they need to know about their kids. Unfortunately, all of this is easier said than done, and the end of a marriage can get ugly. No matter what the situation is, a newly separated spouse should consult with a Kentucky family law attorney.