Celebrating Father’s Day in 2020

On Behalf of | May 15, 2020 | Family law

This year’s Father’s Day will be like no other thanks to the coronavirus pandemic. But setting that aside for a moment, it can also be a delicate dance for the parents, mainly if this is the first since the divorce or the working relationship between the parents is strained.

Regardless of how an ex-wife feels, it is essential to support Father’s Day and encourage the children to recognize it as a chance to celebrate dad. Inspiring handmade gifts made by young hands can be cherished mementos while helping older kids with the shopping can help steady the family ship – it is an opportunity to show the kids that mom thinks that dad is still important. Dad may also appreciate the effort, which in turn improves the partnership.

Ways to help facilitate

The usual ideas like a favorite restaurant, gifts from a favorite store or activities may not be possible, but the day can still be special:

  • The gift: Stores are slowly reopening, but Amazon and others will deliver goods straight to his door.
  • Plan ahead: Last-minute planning is risky, particularly during these times.
  • Coordinate: Check with him when coming up with an idea to make sure he (or a new partner) does not have something already planned.
  • Visitation: Parenting plans generally account for special days like this, but it is best to allow additional flexibility, especially if there are safety concerns.

Building towards a better future

The marriage may not have worked out, but effective coparenting often takes a high degree of communication and coordination. Parents with a good working relationship will make things better for the children, themselves and others around them. A fair and equitable divorce sets the tone, but parents can continue to build on that as the children get older.