Spouses recognize cases of infidelity during shelter at home

On Behalf of | May 26, 2020 | Divorce

The challenges that couples face during this pandemic would have seemed unthinkable when they took their marriage vows. Less surprising, however, is that spouses are learning more about their spouse by spending much of the last few months in the same living space. While some have reconnected and revitalized their relationship, all this togetherness prompted others to realize that their partner cheats on them.

Observant spouses often can recognize the signs of infidelity, but the unique circumstances of current living-work arrangements add a new twist to the old behavior.

Signs of infidelity during a pandemic

Some spouses may have suspected something was off before the quarantine, but the clues can confirm suspicions amid the isolation. These include:

  • Guarding their device: Most people tend to be protective of their phone, but they may be especially so with a password that no one else in the family knows, or uncharacteristically stressed if they lose track of the device’s location.
  • Overactive texting and communication: They will happily drop everything to respond to a text or phone call even at odd hours, perhaps finding a private space.
  • Heightened exercise regime: Everyone needs time outside the home, and exercise is a great stress reliever, but a significant jump in time spent running or biking may be a cover for something else.
  • Vehicle use: It is a red flag if trips to the grocery store take much longer than usual. They may not even need to leave the driveway – some may use the parked car to have private conversations.

From insult to injury?

Affairs are unpleasant for spouses on many different levels, but they can be downright dangerous during the current pandemic. It is a fact that those still engaging in outside relationships may endanger the health or lives of family members. Those who confirm a spouse’s infidelity may wish to file for divorce. The process of working with an experienced family law attorney can begin during shelter at home because much of the work can be done via phone, email or Zoom.