Marrying an entrepreneur can lead to problems

On Behalf of | Jun 23, 2020 | Divorce

Some fall in love with ambitious people. They likely found the trait attractive or even comforting, thinking that this partnership will be quite successful. At some point, they may have shifted direction, moving from an executive position at a company to starting a company of their own. It would be an exciting change and worth the support when the risk pays off, and the new company is successful. If the company did not work out, there was no doubt that they would find something else.

A marriage with two wives

The unfortunate reality for entrepreneurs and those who launch their own business is that it is almost always harder than planned. Successful or unsuccessful, the demands upon the founder can put extraordinary financial and emotional stress on a family. It can even mean that the founder seems to be married to their endeavor as they strive to make a go of it.

These divided allegiances between a spouse and a business can lead to feelings of resentment, frustration and even loneliness. As they log 12-hour days, six or seven days a week, the life partner is left to care for everything else, be it household responsibilities, raising the children or even working a steady but uninspiring job to make sure that bills get paid.

Stress can break down a marriage

Many marriages come to an end because a business owner is unable to let go. It can mean that they cannot delegate after the business is a success or they are consumed with turning around a failed venture. Either way, they no longer prioritize family, spouses or even a life well-lived. The business is the priority, perhaps with a new idea and a new venture after selling the old company.

Attorneys can help

A family law attorney with experience handling the divorces involving business owners can be beneficial. Not only can they analyze the value of the company, which is a marital asset, these legal professionals can also draft a fair and equitable arrangement with a parenting plan that addresses the needs of any children involved.