Tips for negotiating a divorce

On Behalf of | Jul 26, 2020 | Divorce

There are many details to be considered and addressed when filing for divorce, but it is also smart to prepare for the negotiation process mentally. There are some important things to remember during a negotiation, whether it is sitting down with a spouse and your lawyers to work out the details or alternate dispute resolution approaches like mediation.

Preparing to settle

Assuming that the couple and their attorneys are confident that the two sides can find workable solutions to all the major issues, there is some preparation that the client will find useful:

  • Gather financial information: This is done for every divorce, but clients can familiarize themselves with the information to better understand and prioritize the details.
  • Prioritize interests instead of positions: The client can categorize the issues based on what they need, what they want, what they do not need, and what they do not want.
  • Prepare to collaborate: Perhaps the couple had difficulty finding common ground during the marriage, but it is often in the children and the parents’ best interests if they collaboratively work on an acceptable division of assets and a parenting plan that works for the kids and both parents. This mindset will also serve the couple if they need to modify the settlement later.
  • Have a positive mindset: This helps set the tone for the post-divorce years if the parents must continue to actively coparent their children and meet other family challenges.

Attorneys protect clients’ interests

A knowledgeable family law attorney with experience negotiating divorce settlements outside of court can protect the client’s individual and parental rights. Working with the client to address their priorities, these legal professionals often can find creative solutions that are fair and equitable for both sides, even if the estate is complex and includes a long list of assets or a business.