What are three tips for a happier marriage?

On Behalf of | Mar 11, 2021 | Divorce

For those in a loving relationship after the last 12 months, congratulations! However, for those couples who are not currently in marriage bliss (and, if media reports are any indication, are in the vast majority of married couples), we have three tips to help craft a happier marriage.

Support, support, support

Many think that one of the top reasons for a divorce is infidelity. After all, infidelity is a hot topic that makes for good television, but often, divorce is tied to some major (often, catastrophic) life event. These major life events, like deaths and major illnesses, test marriage bonds. How one chooses to support one’s spouse through that event can be the difference between a happy marriage and divorce. The key is just being there.

One marriage equals one team

In a lot of divorces, it is clear that, at some point, the spouses within a marriage stopped operating as a team. They grew apart. This is why it is so important to remember that marriages do not eliminate the relationship element, which means maintaining date nights, watching Netflix on the couch together regularly and sometimes, self-care as well. Couples need to talk to figure out how to be a team and how to be the best version of themselves.

Active listening, not just passive listening

The key to both of the prior points is really listening, which means active listening, not just passive listening. Do not just listen for the sake of listening. Listen for the sake of really hearing. This means mirroring and reiterating one’s understanding. Acknowledge points and really try to understand one’s partner. This is essential for a fulfilling relationship.

For La Grange, Kentucky, including Louisville, residents, these tips are just that, tips. They will help some couples, but unfortunately, not all couples. And, for those couples where they have tried to salvage their marriage without success, call a divorce attorney.