For suspicious spouses, spying has never been easier

by | Jul 22, 2021 | Divorce

Whenever you are out in public in a larger city like Louisville or a suburb like La Grange, you are probably being watched. Security cameras are everywhere these days but are discreet enough that you may never notice.

Then you get home, where nobody is taping you without your knowledge. But are you sure? If you are married, your spouse might be spying on you. And what they find on the video could lead to divorce.

One in five are peeping on their spouses

A British law firm told the New York Post that about 20 percent of its divorce clients admitted to using spy cameras and other technology to observe their exes. Often, people begin spying on their spouses when they suspect them of cheating, though things like possible domestic violence or drug abuse might also be motivations.

Surveillance technology has improved a lot over the past couple of decades. You can now hide a small video camera inside a picture frame, a pile of children’s toys, a model car — almost anywhere in the house. Both husbands and wives are spying on their spouses, but the British firm said that among their clients, the spies are mostly men who believe their wives are having affairs at work. When women do set up a hidden camera, it is more likely to capture footage of their husbands abusing themselves or the children.

Can this be evidence in a divorce case?

Hidden camera footage may not be admissible at a trial, and if you and your spouse are still trying to work on your relationship, finding out your spouse has been filming you without your permission could be a major breach of trust. On the other hand, it could confirm your suspicions about what your spouse is doing and help you make up your mind that divorce is your only option.