Essential details for grandparents who adopt

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Grandparent adoption is one of the most common forms of adoption in the United States. Grandparents embark upon it with the best intentions, but it can only occur if there is no hope that the birth parents will be able to supply a safe and stable home for the child. Often, the adoption legalizes a situation where the grandparents are already deeply involved in the lives of the children.

Getting a court order

Before a court order for adoption is issued, the grandparent must provide proof of the following:

  • The birth parents willingly, knowingly and voluntarily terminate their parental rights.
  • The grandparent adoption is in the best interests of the grandchild.

There are challenges

Raising a child is never easy and can be an even more significant challenge because the grandparents are older or on a fixed income. It is important to remember that foster parents receive financial assistance, but grandparents and other kin who adopt do not. There is also the emotional disappointment of knowing that your child was unable or unwilling to care for their own, leaving the job to you.

The benefits always outweigh the struggles

Of course, the bond between grandparents and grandchildren is an essential part of their lives. It’s further strengthened by the gift of seeing a grandchild grow and flourish in a loving environment among family. This ultimate reward changes the lives of everyone involved for the better.

Attorneys are a part of the process

A family law attorney who handles adoption can help grandparents through all the administrative challenges involved in adoption. Their help also provides the peace of mind that this is a legal solution where they get all parental rights and controls. Once done, you are both grandparent and parent.