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The process of splitting a home during divorce

The property division process during divorce can help divorcing couples divide all different types of property and assets they may own together. One significant example is how to split the family home when the time to divide property during the divorce has come. There are generally three different options for splitting a home during divorce. Sell the house and split the proceeds This option is typically the cleanest and simplest way to split the couple’s equity in a home. Once the home has been sold, the mortgage debt is paid along with any taxes and expenses associated with the sale and the...

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What is the difference between marital and separate property?

Marriage is a legal relationship that two Kentucky residents can choose to enter by their own decision. People of all different backgrounds, economic situations, and ages choose to marry for a variety of different reasons. As such, the relationships that exist between married people can look quite different depending on where the partners are in their various stages of life. To this end, some couples get married when neither partner has much money or any property, though others may get married after growing their own assets and wealth independently. The property and assets that a person has...

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The best interests of children in child custody cases

Decisions related to the custody of children can be difficult for both parents and kids to process. Whether pursuant to a divorce or separation, Kentucky parents can struggle to know how best to address their children's needs and their own expectations about parenting at the end of their relationships. When difficult matters such as child custody arise in their lives, Kentucky residents can turn to their trusted divorce and family law lawyers for advice and advocacy concerning their specific legal needs. At the heart of child custody cases, though, is the need to protect the best interests...

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4 things to help you cope with contentious child custody matters

Without a doubt, the issue of child custody often brings high drama and conflict in contentious divorce situations. Sometimes, the parting spouses use their children as pawns, harming the youngsters emotionally as they grapple with confusion due to their love for both parents. A contentious battle over child custody often leaves permanent scars, especially to the children. Seeing the venom spewed out by sparring parents is not a good thing for a kid. A moment like this calls for disagreeing parents to focus on common ground. In this case, it is the children. Well, at least one of the parents...

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How we help our clients with divorce issues

Divorce is seldom an easy process. It becomes contentious quickly. This is why, at our firm, Pearson & Paris, P.S.C., in La Grange, we are the comprehensive provider of family law services, including divorce services. One-on-one client services During our free initial consultation and ongoing throughout the divorce, we intently listen to our client’s goals, fears and expectations. This allows us to develop a customized and individualized action plan to implement a legal strategy designed to achieve our clients’ goals and objectives. What we can help with Let’s face it, this time is going...

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Invalidating a prenuptial agreement in Kentucky

Many couples in the Louisville area sign prenuptial agreements before they marry. While such agreements often appear to be the antithesis of the romantic intentions that caused couples to marry, such agreements are widely acknowledged to benefit both parties in the event that they should decide to end their marriage. Many people put the prenuptial agreement out of their minds after the document is signed, but the approaching end of a marriage may cause some painful reflection on why the agreement was accepted in the first place. Persons entertaining such doubts often wonder whether a...

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On offre des services juridiques aux clients francophones en Kentucky

Selon une enquête de l’Institute Urbaine de Louisville, dans la région de Louisville, Kentucky, la population d`immigrants à Louisville s`agrandisse et constitue un élément important pour des activités commerciales et financières.  Leurs enfants deviennent un segment de la population étudiante en croissance rapide.  Pourtant, la population d`immigrants souvent sont incapables ou réticentes à rechercher et trouver les services juridiques ou se défendre eux-mêmes contre un procès compliqué. Les barrières linguistiques aggravent l`accès aux tribunaux, particulièrement pour ceux qui n`ont pas le...

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What is required to get a divorce in Kentucky?

Divorce is an emotional process, but it is also a legal process. To legally end a marriage in Kentucky, individuals must meet certain requirements and fulfill specific conditions. This post will introduce some of the important steps that individuals must complete in order to legally end their unions, but as with all the posts on this blog, no part of this post should be used as legal advice. A dedicated family law attorney can provide their client with all the answers they need about their specific divorce case. Grounds for divorce Individuals who wish to divorce must provide legal bases in...

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Protecting your business in a divorce

It takes a lot to own a small business. Many small business owners pour their life savings and countless hours into their business, only to have to share it with their ex-spouse in the divorce. Kentucky is an equitable distribution state, meaning that any property acquired during the marriage is considered marital property. Businesses started during the course of the marriage, and businesses started prior to the marriage but that increase in value during the marriage, may also be considered marital property and can be divided between the two spouses in a divorce. There are a few ways you can...

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Easing the impact of divorce on children

Divorce is stressful for everyone involved, but especially for children. While each child is different, many kids recover faster than others. The positive news is that when Kentucky parents work in unison to reduce the effects of divorce, those efforts can pay dividends in helping kids adjust to their new family dynamic. How do kids react to divorce? While each child is unique, the psychological impact typically fosters common feelings among children in these age groups: Preschool: Very young kids are often confused about why they are living in two separate households. They can wonder if mom...

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