What Should I Know About Parenting Plans?

When parents separate or divorce in Kentucky, they may need to create a parenting plan to address their child’s custody and visitation schedules. Parenting plans can also encompass issues like dispute resolution or a parent’s individual responsibilities to the child.

The attorneys at Pearson & Paris, P.S.C. in La Grange have helped countless parents in the Louisville area create parenting plans that work for them and their children. If you are preparing to make a parenting plan, you should know three of the most common types.

1. Three-four, four-three schedule

One option is for your children to spend three days per week with you and four days per week with their other parent. The next time around, your kids can spend four days per week with you and three days per week with their other parent.

This custody arrangement works well if you live fairly close to your spouse, as you must make biweekly pickups and drop-offs. If the two of you live far apart, you may want a parenting plan in which your child spends more time with each household before transitioning.

2. Alternating week schedule

Another common parenting plan is an alternating week schedule. In an alternating week schedule, the child will spend one week with one parent and the next week with the other.

3. Two-week schedule

A two-week schedule involves a child staying at one household for two weeks. Then, they spend the next two weeks at the other parent’s home. Many families prefer these plans because it gives children a chance to settle down in one home before uprooting for the other home.

Learn Which Parenting Plan Is Best For You

When you contact Pearson & Paris, P.S.C., for a consultation, an attorney can discuss your options. Then, we can help you decide which parenting plan is best for your family. To schedule your consultation, call 502-688-5200 or reach our firm by sending an email.