We Can Help You With Appeals

Last updated on October 10, 2022

As a general rule, a divorce decree dissolving a marriage and temporary orders cannot be appealed. However, all of the other final rulings in the case may be appealed, including orders relating to property division, maintenance, child custody, or child support.

While our focus is on achieving the best possible resolution in the Family Court, we do consider, from time to time, filing an appeal on any issue we believe was incorrectly decided by the trial court. Appeals do not give litigants a second bite at the apple. The appellate courts rely upon the evidence presented in the trial courts and the legal briefings and arguments of counsel; there is no further information presented from the parties themselves. Therefore, an appeal is a focused look at a trial error that so affected the proceedings that the appellate court should either reverse the judgment altogether, or direct the Family Court to correct an aspect of its judgment.

Appellate practice is as much an art as it requires superior advocacy skills. We have successfully handled appeals in the Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court. We know how to distill the appealable issues for appellate review, draft concise and persuasive appellate briefs, and present oral argument to the court all designed to end up at the winning end of the argument.

We handle the appeals of our own clients, as well those appeals referred to us by other trial attorneys who do not practice in the appellate courts.

We will exhaust every avenue.

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