Handling Business Disputes That Fall Under The UCC

Last updated on October 6, 2020

The Uniform Commercial Code governs a multitude of business transactions from the purchase and sale of goods, to perfecting security interests in collateral. If you have a contract dispute in Kentucky that is governed by the UCC, it is essential you work with attorneys who are familiar with and know how to apply the UCC to your situation. Without the proper legal assistance, your business interests are in jeopardy.

At Pearson & Paris, we have the experience to litigate any matter that falls under the UCC. Having taken more than a few cases involving contract disputes under the UCC to trial, we can shoulder the burdens of litigation so you can keep your focus on running your business.

Talk To An Experienced Attorney For Contract Disputes

The UCC is an expansive body of law the covers everything from contract formation to breach of contract, to handling nonconforming goods, to providing implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. We are equipped to handle transactions and litigation that falls under any portion of the UCC, to include:

  • Sales of goods under article 2;
  • Leases; and
  • Negotiable instruments, like checks, promissory notes and other commercial paper.

Secured Transactions

The UCC also governs the creation and perfection of secured interests in collateral that secures an obligation. In these circumstances, a debtor agrees to give a lender a security interest in collateral to secure a loan. If the debtor defaults, the lender can then take possession of the collateral. We are well versed in handling and litigating secured transactions, and we can help you work through issues of:

  • Properly creating a security interest, through a security agreement or a Purchase money security interest (PMSI);
  • Perfecting the security interest with the Secretary of State’s Office or the local county clerk’s office; and
  • Determining priority between competing security interests.

Whether you are entering into a transaction or you are involved in litigation regarding a UCC contract or secured transaction, we can develop a strategy that benefits you.

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