Defend Your Rights If Accused Of A Violent Crime

Last updated on October 6, 2020

If the state of Kentucky charges you with a violent crime, you could face years of jail time. You could lose your job, housing or access to higher education. You must work with a strong defense firm that can protect your rights.

At Pearson & Paris, P.S.C., we provide experienced defense representation for clients in the Louisville area. We can represent you if the state is investigating you or has charged you with:

Whether you face a misdemeanor or a felony, probation, or a life sentence, Pearson & Paris, P.S.C., can assist you. We are prepared to take your case to trial to achieve the best results available to you.

How We Can Defend You

Our attorney, Sean Paris, has more than 20 years of experience in criminal defense. He has obtained numerous successful outcomes, including plea bargains, dismissed charges and not guilty verdicts. As your lawyer, he will work to:

  • Challenge every piece of evidence, including DNA and polygraph tests
  • Dispute the methods used by law enforcement
  • Cross-examine the testimony of witnesses
  • Locate evidence that could exonerate you
  • Hire expert witnesses to testify for you

One or more of these strategies can cast enough reasonable doubt to secure a favorable outcome to your case.

Facing Felony Charges? The Stakes Are High.

Felonies have much more serious consequences than misdemeanors. Aggravated felonies even have mandatory minimum sentences that could put you behind bars for years. Pearson & Paris, P.S.C., understands how high the stakes are for you, so we work aggressively to get dismissed charges, reduced charges or alternative sentencing.

Defend Your Rights: Get A Consultation Today.

If you face any charge of a violent crime, contact Pearson & Paris, P.S.C., today to schedule an initial consultation. Reach us by calling 502-688-5200, or you can send us an email. We are ready to defend you against all charges.