If You Are A First-Time Offender, We Can Help You

Every year, the Jefferson County Attorney’s Office in Louisville, Kentucky prosecutes well over 3,500 driving under the influence (DUI) cases. First time DUI offenders may be able to take advantage of the county attorney’s diversion program.

The diversion program permits eligible first time offenders to enter a plea of guilty to the charge of DUI. The court does not enter a sentence on the guilty plea. Instead, the offender is required to go through a rehabilitative program that consists of undergoing an alcohol/drug evaluation, completion of a recommended alcohol education program, performance of community service, surrender of the offender’s driver’s license for a period of 30 days, and payment of a participation fee.

Where the offender successfully completes the program, the guilty plea is set aside and the case is dismissed with a stipulation of probable cause and with an agreement that the dismissal will not be expunged for a period of two years. If the offender fails to complete the program, the program is terminated and the case is returned to court for sentencing.

It is important that you hire a skilled and experienced lawyer to evaluate whether your case is appropriate for the diversion program, your eligibility to participate in the program, or to challenge a determination that you do not qualify for diversion.

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