Strategic Representation In Insurance Claims

Last updated on October 6, 2020

Whether faced with claims as a result of construction defects, recreational incidents or something else, we have the experience to handle your case and protect the interests of your insureds. At Pearson & Paris, P.S.C., we have more than 22 years of legal experience. Our litigation team is experienced in zealously representing the interests of your insured while maintaining the most efficient approach to resolving claims satisfactorily and expeditiously. We offer competitive rates for insurance defense and will provide references upon request.

Strategic Representation in Litigation

Our experience in defense matters is broad and is marked by repeated successes in the areas of:

  • Construction defects
  • Directors and officers insurance defense
  • Drug and alcohol liability
  • Employment-related claims
  • Errors and omissions defense
  • General liability claims
  • Insurance coverage issues
  • Motor vehicle accidents
  • Mountain climbing and guiding
  • Outdoor educational program incidents
  • Recreational incidents
  • Sexual harassment
  • Travel and tourism litigation
  • Vicarious liability
  • Whitewater rafting incidents

Representative Cases:

The attorneys at Pearson & Paris are often involved in insurance defense matters with a distinctly international flavor, from alleged injuries sustained aboard a far eastern cruise ship to adventure travel related injuries in Central America.

In 2016, I represented an insured who sold international bicycle adventures. One of its customers, on a trip in Costa Rica, had fallen off her bicycle and was seriously injured. She sued the insured alleging negligence in selecting the route through hilly terrain and a failure to properly maintain the bicycle she had been riding.

In this case, I traveled to Costa Rica to personally inspect the terrain and to retain the services of a local surveyor who measured the road conditions. After completing three days of deposing local Costa Rica witnesses, the plaintiff offered to dismiss the case with prejudice.

In 2014, I defended an alleged battery by a bar bouncer. The bouncer attempted to escort the patron from the premises. During this encounter, the patron physically resisted the bouncer and the patron ultimately fell to the ground suffering a traumatic brain injury. The case proceeded to jury trial where the patron demanded 4 million dollars in damages. The jury determined, however, that the patron had been more than 50% at fault, and returned a defense verdict.

In 2013, I represented five insureds who were sued for the injuries sustained by a nightclub patron. The patron had been ordered to leave the premises of the nightclub whilst harassing on of the club’s dancers. One of the security personnel ultimately placed the patron in an arm-bar and took him to the ground. The patron suffered serious injuries to include a broken nose. The jury returned defense verdict for three of the five defendants. The court of appeals vacated the verdicts against the remaining defendants and ordered a new trial for those remaining two defendants.

Insurance Defense litigation – a common approach

The insurance defense cases I have handled have one thing in common: my readiness to go to trial and obtain favorable results. Insurance defenses cases are “trial” cases, and in appropriate cases, insurance defense counsel must be willing to submit the case to the jury.

It is important that you hire a skilled and experienced lawyer to handle your insurance defense in the Louisville Metro Area, Jefferson County, or across Kentucky.

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