Twenty Years Defending Property Crime Cases

Last updated on October 6, 2020

Property crimes occur when someone allegedly steals, uses, damages or destroys someone else’s property. Crimes against property may not seem as severe as crimes against another person, but the state still takes them very seriously.

It is crucial to work with a law firm that can defend you against property crime allegations. Pearson & Paris, P.S.C., has served Kentucky for more than 20 years, providing skilled and aggressive criminal defense. We defend clients against property crimes such as:

  • Burglary
  • Theft
  • Robbery
  • Larceny
  • Shoplifting
  • Criminal mischief (vandalism)
  • Arson

These offenses can be misdemeanors punishable by a few hours of community service or felonies punishable by years in prison. Hiring Pearson & Paris, P.S.C., can make a critical difference in your case’s outcome.

Don’t Give Up Without Consulting Us

Even if the evidence against you seems overwhelming, we may still have a strong defense. We can:

  • Challenge the state’s evidence
  • Question whether law enforcement officers used illegal tactics
  • Challenge the validity of forensic methods
  • Hire expert witnesses or independent investigators

Do not simply give up and plead guilty to a property crime: We may be able to help.

Our Attorney Is A Former Prosecutor

Defense lawyer Sean Paris is a former state prosecutor who focused on felony charges. As a result, he understands how the state compiles evidence, creates its strategy and pursues its case against you. He also understands how to gather our own evidence, create a defense strategy and help you fight back.

Defend Your Rights Against Property Crime Charges

Contact Pearson & Paris, P.S.C., at our office in La Grange if you face criminal charges involving property. Schedule an initial consultation with our defense attorney and he can assist you. To reach us, call 502-688-5200 or send the firm an email.