Resolving Disputes With Fiduciaries

There are certain relationships that trigger a fiduciary duty between one person and another. This fiduciary duty, which typically occupies a position of trust or power, involves a heightened duty of care toward those people who the fiduciary serves.

Typical examples of those fiduciary relationships are:

  • Realtor-client
  • Trustee-beneficiary
  • Partners
  • Attorney-client
  • The holder of a power of attorney

These relationships often give rise to improper conduct such as self-dealing, disloyalty, embezzlement and other types of misconduct. We have litigated many cases involving breach of fiduciary duty, and we stand ready to advise you on how to best handle your matter.

Breach of fiduciary duty

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A breach of fiduciary duty claim is often brought as part of a larger action that may involve fraud, civil theft, conversion of property, civil conspiracy or negligence. Often these cases require experts to opine about the proper standard of care that should have been employed by the fiduciary. A breach of fiduciary duty also arises commonly where a person has been giving certain powers under a power of attorney, the principal or the principal’s family may become suspicious or outright indignant about the manner in which the power holder is handling the affairs of the principal. Self-dealing transactions are scrutinized and litigation follows.

This is where we step in. We will fully analyze the facts and the legal issues, and develop a winning strategy to handle these types of cases.

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